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Our Top 5 Back to School Essentials

As students everywhere enjoy the last weeks of their summer vacation, one thing is certain – it’s back to school in September! Make sure the student in your life is ready to tackle a new year – whether it’s spent in high school or at college – with the best gear by their side.

Our list of top back to school essentials will ensure your student has everything they need to succeed – from the classroom, to the campus & dorm room, and beyond!

1. A Cute Backpack or Tote

Back to School Backpacks

A student’s got to have a way to carry all of their books and classroom essentials with them, right? They could also need a proper bag to carry sporting equipment and more, so why not have them traveling across campus or walking the high school halls in style?

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2. Study Essentials

Back to School Study Essentials

Ah, studying. It’s not very exciting, nor are the tests that follow. They are an essential part of school, though, and your student will be well on their way to acing any that come their way with some of our handy, study essentials by their side.

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3. Tech Accessories

Back to School Tech Accessories

The student of today is constantly bombarded with the tech of tomorrow. The latest and greatest laptops and phones – plus all the accessories that come with them – are going to constantly be by their side…and they don’t come cheap! Keep them safe with stylish cases, carrying sleeves, and more. And throw in a snazzy pair of headphones or a portable speaker for good measure!

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4. Campus Gear

Back to School Campus Essentials

When it comes to life on campus, make sure your college student has everything they need to comfortably get from class to class. Campus living takes a little getting used to, but these essentials make it just a bit easier!

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5. Dorm Room Must-Haves

Back to School Dorm Room Essentials

A college dorm is a home away from home, so make sure your student has everything they need to make it a comfortable space! It’s the best place to unwind after a long day, de-stress, and get ready for another day of learning!

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