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5 Fantastic Grandparent’s Day Activities

First established in 1978, Grandparent’s Day is held in the USA on the first Sunday after Labor Day! It’s a terrific occasion for families to celebrate all the love and support provided by grandparents over the years. While there are so many perfect gifts for grandparents out there, remember to make memories through shared experiences as well!

Read on to discover five great ways to make memories with the elders you hold dear and make this holiday one to remember!

Forget Me Nots

1. Pick a Bouquet!

Giving and receiving a bouquet of flowers is a time-honored tradition that speaks a thousand words, which is why it’s one of the best gifts for grandparents on their special day! The official flower of Grandparent’s Day is the forget-me-not, a fitting tribute to the lifelong memories you’ve made together. A bundle of these vibrant beauties will look great in a vase on your grandparents’ mantel!

Family Apple Picking

2. Go Apple Picking Together

Grandparent’s Day is smack-dab in the middle of apple picking season, so why not head to a local orchard? Whether you prefer the sweet taste of a Red Delicious or a tart Granny Smith, you and your grandparents will have so much fun picking a bag or two. Not only is this activity fun by itself, it’s also a great way to prepare for…

Baking Together

3. Baking!

Chances are your grandparents have baked you plenty of goodies over the years. Maybe it’s time to return the favor! No matter if you bake a pie together with the apples you picked or surprise them with a batch of fresh cookies, in the end you’ll have a sweet treat to enjoy together. After all, if you want to be a great baker, you may as well learn from the master!

Receiving a Letter

4. Write a Card or Letter

If you can’t spend the day with your grandparents in person, there’s still an easy and heartfelt way to let them know you care! Draw them a card or write out a letter by hand, and they’ll know you put the time and effort into making the day special. In addition to your well-wishes, it’ll provide them with a keepsake to cherish forever.

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Happily Reading a Book

5. “Adopt” a Grandparent for the Day

Even if your own grandparents have passed away, Grandparent’s Day is an occasion worth celebrating. If there’s an elderly person in your life without close family members, why not “adopt” them and take part in any of the above activities? Sharing a day with an older person is a wonderful occasion to share in their wisdom and bolster their spirits. 

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