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5 Stress Relief Tips for Work & Home

Let’s face it – these are stressful times we live in. Now more than ever, the world keeps piling on problem after problem, on top of all the other problems we already had – AKA the day-to-day stresses of adult life. That’s why we’ve put together five stress relief tips that can help you at the office and at home.

Some of what follows may seem like no-brainers, but as with all good advice…these tips bear repeating! Plus, we’ve thrown in a few stress relief gifts that’ll help anyone kick their stress to the curb!

1. Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Essential Oils to use with Essential Oil Diffusers and more

Essential oils and essential oil diffusers are finally starting to catch on, and for good reason! Through fragrance alone, they refresh, rejuvenate, and relieve anxiety & depression. Essential oils are also super-versatile. They can be dispersed in a mist through a diffuser that’s placed in the home or office, and they can even be worn on jewelry…or directly on your skin (with a carrier solution, anyway)! Looking for effortless stress relief? Let aromatherapy turn your home or cubicle into a mini spa!

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2. Lovely Lavender

Lavender and Lavender Essential Oil

Anything lavender could technically fall under “aromatherapy”, but there are simply so many ways to enjoy the scent of lavender alone that we felt it should be mentioned separately. Lavender is known to be calming, and it can even reduce anxiety & depression, improve sleep, and aid brain function. In short, this lovely, little plant can have a big, positive impact on your daily stress levels, providing some quality stress relief at home or at work.

Recommended Items

1. Cozy Sloth Scented Plush
2. Lavender and Espresso Calming Hand Therapy
3. Poo-Pourri 4 oz. Spritz in Lavender Vanilla

3. Stress Relief Toys

Stress Relief Toys like Putty and Therapy Dough

Whether you’re sitting on the couch at home or in your office chair in your cubicle, fiddling with a little toy is a good way to keep your hands and your mind stimulated and occupied with anything other than the stresses of the day. As stress relief toys go, putty is a fun choice that we’re rather fond of. You can shape it, mold it, bounce it…and some are even magnetic, sparkly, or scented! There’s no reason kids should get to have all the fun!

Recommended Items

1. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty
2. “Pinch Me” Therapy Dough

4. Get Up, Exercise, Stay Hydrated!

Relieve stress with exercise that breaks up your day

If you’ve been sitting all day, don’t hesitate to get up, stretch those arms & legs, and get your blood pumping! It’s no secret that exercise reduces stress, and yet we sit way more than we should at our computers or in our homes. Step outside and get some fresh air, or simply walk around indoors. Anything and everything helps! Also related to exercise…is hydration. Grab a water bottle, and drink lots of that fabulous H2O!

Recommended Items

1. Reusable Water Bottles
2. Men’s and Women’s Activewear

5. Listen to Music

Relieve stress with your favorite music at work or at home

If you’re toiling away at your desk, sometimes you’ll find that the surrounding area is simply too loud to concentrate (or eerily quiet). Eliminate all that background noise (or lack thereof) with some noise of your own. Put on a pair of headphones, and jam to your favorite music while you work.

Music makes life better, and it can make a busy day at work or at home better, too. In fact, you should have music playing basically all the time. Just don’t play it too loud at work!

Recommended Items

1. Headphones & Speakers
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