Top 5 Funny Gifts
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Top 5 Funny Gifts for Any Occasion

Spread some smiles with some of our favorite, funny gifts from brands that really know how to get folks laughing with their own unique humor that ranges from relatively tame & harmless to downright sassy & “adults only”!

1. Cable Bites

Cable Bites

So many people have an iPhone, and it’s a great device to have by your side…until it runs out of juice. Charging your phone is no fun, but super-cute Cable Bites make the process just a little more exciting! They can attach to your Apple device’s Lightning connector, so they can chomp onto iPhones and iPads with ease.

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2. Blue Q

Blue Q Socks and More - Funny Gifts

Blue Q makes socks, oven mitts, and more with vintage-style and charming artwork…and a whole lot of attitude! Seriously, some of these accessories feature language and expressions that are for adult eyes only, but doesn’t that make them more fun in the end? We think so! This selection of sassy gifts is sure to make any lady smile!

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3. Knock Knock

Knock Knock - Funny Gifts

Who’s there? Ah, we couldn’t resist! Bad jokes aside, these paper products all feature some seriously funny designs that are dripping with sarcasm and attitude. That trait alone makes these funny gifts ideal for the office and any busy home where passive-aggressive remarks are the preferred form of communication. Knock Knock sells everything from list pads, to journals, to games, and more – so there’s a cool gift that practically any teen or adult can enjoy!

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4. Mary Square

Mary Square - Funny Gifts

Mary Square’s tagline is “more than a gift”, and it shows in the thoughtful designs of their products that range from drinkware and wine glasses, to witty t-shirts for busy moms & more! Want to sip or strut your stuff in sassy style? Look no further than Mary Square!

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5. - Funny Gifts

Workout gear, stationery & writing tools, travel accessories, and so much more – truly wears many hats! Know someone who likes to poke fun at their own workout routine, or who is in need of a good laugh at their office? A gift from will lift their spirits whether they’re working out, simply working, or commuting to either one!

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