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One of the things we hear most at The Paper Store is, “Wow! I can’t believe the variety of product you carry! I was just expecting paper, but you have so much more!”

The Paper Store Sells More Than Paper

If you haven’t visited one of our 70+ locations in the northeast, or shopped with us online at, then please allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re The Paper Store! While our name suggests we carry “traditional” paper products (and we do carry an assortment of stationery items), we in fact have SO MUCH MORE to offer than simply paper.

Our name is actually a nod to our humble beginnings, when Bob and Peggy Anderson opened their first store in Maynard, Massachusetts. That original store carried stationery items such as note cards, beautiful print paper, and greeting cards. As their business grew, so did the needs of their clientele, and this one, little stationery store blossomed into more and more stores that began to carry all manner of “gift” items. Fast-forward 55 years, and The Paper Store is now the Northeast’s premiere gifting destination!

The Paper Store

What sets us apart from our competition, you may ask? Not only do we carry a vast assortment of products, but we truly have a gift for any occasion and pride ourselves in being a “one-stop” shop with wrapping paper and Hallmark greeting cards included to complete all of your gift-giving needs. Not to mention our friendly staff, who are ready to help spark the inspiration for the perfect gift if you’re stuck on what to get!
The Paper Store Employees

Still a little skeptical? Let us show you some of our favorite gifts that we love to give (and receive ourselves!)

1. nora fleming

nora fleming

one platter…every occasion

This unique serveware line is a customer-favorite, and its motto says it all! Buy any platter or accessory you like, and you can use it year-round by changing out the “minis” to make it seasonally appropriate. We’ve seen these items be used for wedding gifts, housewarmings, hostess gifts – you name it! This line is something you can start someone on, and keep adding to their collection as time goes on. With new “minis” and serveware pieces coming out every year, this is a fun gift that can continue to bring the recipient joy for years to come!

2. Women’s Clothing

Women's Clothing

Yes, that’s right – we carry a wide assortment of women’s clothing here at The Paper Store, and even put out a couple of catalogs each year that feature the latest and hottest trends! Our buyers are dedicated not only to finding the season’s “it” looks, but also bringing them to you at an affordable price! While this may not be a “traditional” gift, we love the fact that you can find something for the woman in your life that’ll make her feel beautiful (and look beautiful, too!)

3. Snoozies


What are Snoozies?! Only the best things to happen to your feet in a long time, that’s what! These lightweight, soft slippers have no-slip grips on the bottom of every pair and are the BEST to bring with you when traveling. They fold up easily, taking up no space when packing and their soft inner lining provides ample padding and warmth for your toes. If you haven’t tried them out yet, we highly recommend doing so! They come in a couple of varieties: Skinnies, which are lighter weight and great for summertime, or traditional Snoozies, which are perfect for the colder months! They make the perfect gift for people who love to travel, those recovering from an illness or that are in the hospital, or for anyone simply looking for a lightweight slipper that’ll keep their feet warm!

4. Hallmark


What gift-giving experience is complete without gift wrap and a card? As we said before, we like to think of ourselves as a “one-stop” shop for gift-giving, and with a wide assortment of Hallmark greeting cards, wrapping paper, gift bags, and tissue paper, we’ve got you covered – from inspiration to your gift’s last destination with a loved one!

These are just some of the many gifts that we carry, but there’s always so much more to see and explore in our stores and online! What are some of your favorite gifts that we carry? We’d love to hear from you, so comment below!

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