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5 Reasons To Celebrate Take Your Dog To Work Day!

In 1999, Pet Sitters International created Take Your Dog To Work Day to be a super-fun occasion that adds a little joy to our workplaces as well as a terrific way to promote the adoption of pups in need to loving, happy homes! Taking place the Friday after Father’s Day (on this year, June 21st), this holiday is one most people will happily take part in, but what if someone in your workplace needs a little convincing? If that’s the case, here are five great reasons to embrace Take Your Dog To Work Day!

Take Your Dog To Work Day

1. It Boosts Office Morale

Everyone gets a little extra spring in their step when there’s an adorable dog around, so just imagine how great it would feel to be at work with a whole bunch of dogs! Not only will office dogs help individual people feel fantastic, but they might also help bring coworkers closer together through the shared experience of pet ownership.

Plus, who knows – maybe your pup will make a new buddy or two to go on walks together with!

Walking The Dog

2. Walk Breaks > Coffee Breaks

Of course, a healthy dose of caffeine is a must-have to get through a busy day, but a little exercise can be invigorating, too – for you and your dog! Get up and get moving with a midday walk, and both you and your pup will be raring to go for the rest of the day. Besides, you could always walk over to the nearby coffee shop, and maybe treat your dog to a Puppaccino while you’re at it!

Dog Having Fun

3. It Keeps Your Dog Entertained!

Put yourself in your dog’s shoes (well, paws) for a second: wouldn’t it be pretty boring if your best pal left you at home all day? Bringing your dog to work will let her hang out with you even more than usual, which she’ll absolutely love! We have a feeling you’ll appreciate the company, too, especially in long meetings, making this idea a true win-win.

Dog Selfie

4. It’s a Great Social Media Opportunity

This one’s fun both for you individually and for the whole company! Photos of cute animals are practically what the internet is for, so why not post some pics of workplace pups on your chosen social media platform? Not only will this gain you lots of “likes” from the animal lovers you know, it’ll promote your office as a fun, energized environment where an animal lover would have a great time working!


5. It Can Help Dogs in Need

Some businesses, when they celebrate Take Your Dog To Work Day, also hold an adopt-a-thon in tandem with a local shelter to connect rescue dogs with loving homes! A home with a pet is a happy one, so doggy adoption is sure to create a lasting bond. Even without an adopt-a-thon, who knows – seeing all those happy pets and owners might encourage employees without pets to stop by a shelter and pick up a new best friend.

Hopefully this list has provided you with some helpful insights regarding why Take Your Dog To Work Day is such a fantastic idea! If you need any more tips and tricks to get things started, the Pet Sitters International website includes a handy guide with lots of helpful information.

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