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Find Your Spirit Animal with JAECI

JAECI jewelry was founded by the designer, Jenna Consiglio. She was diagnosed with Auto-Immune Hepatitis (AIH) as a teenager, which changed her outlook on life. This experience made her understand that even though everyone deals with hardships throughout their life, they strive to make their lives better, as well as the lives of others around them.

JAECI Jewelry

Wishing to make a difference in the world and inspire people around the world, Jenna started creating an inspirational and affordable jewelry line known as JAECI. The ‘j’ is from the first letter of the first name and the ‘c’ is from the first letter of her last name. Overall, JAECI stands for: journey, aim, experience, create, and inspire.

Her Spirit Animal Jewelry features a series of bracelets that have an adjustable cord band with a metal charm featuring unique, graphical animal and insect cutouts. Choose from cats, snakes, deer, ox, giraffe, wolves, owls, octopuses, penguins, foxes, elephants, honey bees, dolphins, dogs, parrots, lions, and more.

JAECI Spirit Animal Jewelry - Dog

These bracelets make the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, special occasions, and more. JAECI jewelry aims to bring the wear closer to nature and find peace within. You can browse the full collection of JAECI Spirit Animal Jewelry at The Paper Store.

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