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Our Top Travel Essentials You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

Ah, summer! The temperatures are balmy, the sun is shining, and everyone is itching to leave home behind for something a bit more…adventurous? Relaxing? Whatever, as long as it’s not work-related? Wherever you travel on vacation, no matter how you’re getting there, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve packed all the essentials for the journey.
Before you rush out the door to make some unforgettable, summertime memories, check out this list of all our top picks for items you shouldn’t leave home without!

The Basics

Vacation basics
What, the family cat isn’t a vacationing essential?

No matter the nature or length of your trip, there are some essentials that always prove useful no matter the situation. A place for your toiletries and cosmetics, slippers (because bare feet and unfamiliar floors don’t always mix), and other quality-of-life essentials help you maintain your morning or nightly routine while you’re away from home.

Road Trip Essentials

Summer Road Trip!
Hope they’re not headed to Wally World…

Road trips can be fun…and difficult. It’s a balance, but you can tip the scale more favorably with some handy accessories to make your time cooped up in the car more bearable. A travel bag that’s big not not bulky is a life-saver, while a cute tumbler or water bottle will keep you hydrated with a refreshingly cool drink. Games help pass the time, too! Finish things off with a new air freshener to keep things smelling pleasant, and you’ll be riding in style!

Long Distance Travel Essentials

Long Distance Travel Essentials
Make sure you’re flying in style!

Before you take off for your next adventure, make sure you’re decked out with everything a long distance traveler needs! Update your luggage so that it’s the best-dang-looking thing in the sky – and don’t forget a cute luggage tag to boot! Pass the time with a good book, and turn your hotel room into a home away from home with an organizer that can hold – and present – all of your essentials in an orderly fashion.

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