National Hug Your Cat Day
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It’s National Hug Your Cat Day – Because Why Not?

Happy National Hug Your Cat Day! What, you’ve never heard of this particular holiday? Well, we won’t blame you – though the more obscure holidays are some of the most enjoyable, in our opinion! We think cat owners & cat lovers everywhere (ourselves included) will agree that any occasion celebrating our (mostly) cuddly, (sometimes) loyal, (but always) adorable friends is worth talking about! After all, we’re all about family and gift-giving here at The Paper Store, and there’s no greater gift than the joy an animal can bring to a family (and the other way around)!
National Hug Your Cat Day
You probably don’t need a reminder or reason to hug your cat, but today CAN serve as an opportunity to do some other stuff for your feline that’ll help keep them happy and healthy!

Make Some DIY Cat Toys!

National Hug Your Cat Day
It’s easy to go out and buy your kitty a new toy, but wouldn’t it be more fun to make them one instead? After all, then they can be a cat about it, and totally get in your way while you’re making it for them! Nothing quite puts a stop to any and all work than a fluff-ball sitting in the center of your work space. Don’t kid yourself – you know you love it. They just want some lovin’, after all!

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

National Hug Your Cat Day
Here’s something you can do for cats – and all pets, for that matter – any time of the year. Visit your local shelter, and volunteer some time to help care for animals without a home. You could even bring some blankets and pet-safe toys to donate, too! Help prepare food, change their bedding, or simply spend some quality time with some animals that don’t yet have homes and families of their own. You may even find yourself going home with a new fur baby!

Consider Keeping Your Cat Inside

National Hug Your Cat Day
A house cat is a happy cat! Seriously, they don’t lose anything by staying inside with their toys and families. You may think you’re doing them a favor by letting them roam around outdoors, but the world is a dangerous place filled with loud & fast cars, predators, and, frankly, strangers who don’t care enough to watch out for your little fur baby. Wild cats are accustomed to a life outdoors. Domesticated cats are perfectly content to hunt their toy mice indoors.
Provide your indoor cat with plenty of exercise and stimulating activities. Give them plenty of toys and maybe a structure or two to climb and play on (if furniture-climbing is a no-no). Be sure to play with them yourself, too!

Hide Treats and Make a Game for Your Cat

National Hug Your Cat Day
Worried your kitty is bored indoors? Hide some treats around. If they can smell ’em, they’ll hunt around for them! Plus, it’s fun watching cats zoom around the house in search of their “prey”!

Pick Up a Gift Any Cat Lover Will Adore!

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