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Five Ways to Get Involved On World Oceans Day – and Beyond!

It’s World Oceans Day – a global event celebrating the oceans of the world! Today is a day to ask three basic questions: Why, What, and How?

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Why do the oceans matter? What can we all do to help keep them healthy? How can we all make small changes to create a big difference? After all, healthy oceans make a healthy planet! We’re all about gifting here at The Paper Store, and we feel that includes giving back to the planet, too. There is no greater gift for our children and future generations. Here are a few ways you can give the oceans of the world a hand – not only today, but every day!

Use Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-Friendly Products

First and foremost, the easiest and most effective way to help the ocean is to reduce or eliminate the use of single-use plastics. Plastic bags, plastic water bottles, plastic utensils…any disposable item made from plastic can (and most likely will) find its way to the ocean if improperly disposed of. Once there, it can harm animals and quite literally poison the sea. That’s not good!

Consider ditching plastic bottles & shopping bags altogether, and carry around your own reusable water bottles and shopping totes. They’re eco-friendly since they can be quickly washed and used again & again (and some can be downright stylish, to boot)! We happen to carry more than a few of these eco-friendly options, too!

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Recycle Anything That’s Not Reusable

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

Continuing from our previous tip, many things that aren’t reusable are recyclable. Recycling is easy – simply use that other trash bin – so everyone should do it! Some grocery stores and other retail stores even offer recycling services for more difficult-to-handle items like electronics or other products that can’t go in the bin at home. If we all make sure our trash is going to the right places, we can help keep it out of the oceans!

Help Clean Up a Beach

Help Clean Up a Beach

Lounging by the beach is fun, but cleaning one can be both fun and rewarding! Plastic, glass, and other trash can sadly often be found littering our beautiful beaches – either deposited there by the tides or by people. That’s where volunteers come in! Help keep our beaches and oceans clean by picking up trash before it enters – or re-enters – the ocean. Animals on the beach such as birds and turtles are also put at risk by careless littering, so it all needs to go! Look for a local beach-cleaning group and join in, or be vigilant and head out alone or with your own group. Even a small effort can make a BIG difference!

Get Kids Interested in Nature

Get Kids Interested in Nature

“Kids are the future!” You hear that phrase thrown around a lot because, well…it’s the truth! The future is largely in their hands, and parents can help both their children and the planet by getting them interested in nature and the sciences at a young age. Better yet, learn alongside them. Take them places where you can both learn, read with one another, and learn together how you can make a difference – at home and beyond. Who knows – you may just help inspire a future conservationist, naturalist, or biologist!

Visit an Aquarium

Visit an Aquarium

Aquariums are great places to learn about and be inspired by the amazing animals of the sea! In addition to providing a fun day out for families and ocean lovers everywhere, the best aquariums also do a lot of good for the oceans that support them thanks to various conservation efforts and educational initiatives. Sometimes, animals on display are even rescues – to be rehabilitated and released back into the wild once they heal. How cool is that?!

It just so happens that right in New England’s backyard, situated at the edge of Boston Harbor, is the New England Aquarium. In addition to educating and inspiring around 1.3 million visitors a year, they also do a lot  of good for oceans and the animals that inhabit them with initiatives like sustainable seafood programs, a marine animal rescue program, and conservation programs around the globe. They even observe, research, and catalog endangered North Atlantic right whales – the longest running marine mammal research project in the United States!

North Atlantic Right Whale - New England Aquarium
Image: North Atlantic right whale by the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life at the New England Aquarium

And there you have it! Five ways you can help the oceans – five fun & easy things anyone can do to help the planet as well as the animals we share it with. Let’s all do our part this World Oceans Day and beyond!

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