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Five Fun Uses for Your Ciao! Baby High Chair

The award-winning Ciao! Baby high chair is the ultimate on-the-go accessory for busy parents & kids that want to be on the move! It’s lightweight and easy to fold open & closed, making it highly portable. The seat and eating surface are also made from a material that’s durable and wipes down easy, so cleanup is a breeze! There’s even a built-in cup holder.

The question isn’t whether or not parents should have one of these convenient high chairs (they totally should), but rather…where should they take this thing to get the most out of it? We asked some parents around the office, and picked some of our favorite suggestions!

Take It Out to Eat

Take the Ciao! Baby high chair out to eat

Whether you’re dining on fast food or headed somewhere a bit more formal-but-kid-friendly (remember to always be courteous to people around you), the Ciao! Baby high chair can follow you and provide your little one with their favorite dining seat! Plus, you never know where restaurant high chairs have been or if they’re really all that clean. The Ciao! Baby high chair is compact, easy to set up, and cleans easy, so it’s great for setting up in a restaurant.

Bring it on a Picnic

Take the Ciao! Baby high chair on a picnic

Hit the park with the Ciao! Baby high chair in tow, and you and your little one can eat in the open air for a change! The Ciao! Baby high chair is easy to carry thanks to the included carrying bag with a shoulder strap, so it can follow you literally anywhere.

Besides picnicking, it’s great for pretty much any outdoor outing. Barbeques, birthday parties…no matter the occasion, your little one will have a safe place to sit (and you’ll always know where they are, so you can rest easy a bit!). Don’t forget the Ciao! Baby Umbrella to keep the sun at bay!

Take it to Work

Take the Ciao! Baby high chair to the office

Want to bring your little one to work, but worried about where they’ll sit or how you’ll keep an eye on them? Set up the Ciao! Baby high chair in your cubicle or office in a snap, and your baby will have a small space all their own to eat, read, or play. Baby visits to a child-friendly office are always welcome (and so much fun, after all)!

Bring it to the Zoo or Aquarium

Take the Ciao! Baby high chair to zoo or aquarium

Watching kids’ faces light up when they see live animals is always magical, and it’s important to teach them about animals, too! In time, they’ll truly love learning all they can during each and every visit. However, when their feet inevitably get too tired to carry on or it’s time to eat, it’s the Ciao! Baby high chair to the rescue! If the establishment allows it, set the chair up in a low-traffic area away from other guests, and give your kid a breather away from busy, noisy food courts and dining areas. Just be sure to clean up any trash before you pack up and move on!

Use it at Home

Use the Ciao! Baby high chair at home

We’ve been talking so much about where you can bring your Ciao! Baby high chair, we figured we’d remind you…you can simply use it at home as your baby’s regular high chair! If space in your home is limited, and a conventional high chair is an eye sore or an obstruction, simply set up the Ciao! Baby high chair as needed. At least you’ll never stub your toe on a high chair in the middle of the night since it’ll be tucked away in a corner or closet!

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