National Donut Day
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Do-nut Miss Out! It’s National Donut Day!

Whether you prefer jelly or glazed, chocolate-frosted or powdered sugar, donut lovers of all kinds should celebrate today because it’s National Donut Day! Falling on the first Friday of June, National Donut Day first began as a tribute to The Salvation Army “Doughnut Lassies”. These women supported the Allied Troops on the front lines during World War I, providing soldiers with spiritual & emotional support, fresh clothing and supplies, as well as baked goods (the donut being their go-to treat!).

Salvation Army Donut Day
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Today, it’s no secret that many across the United States still indulge in a breakfast (or lunch!) donut for a quick boost of morale! So how will you celebrate today? Not sure how to express your devotion to donuts? Here are two things we definitely plan on doing to celebrate National Donut Day:

Go Get a Free Donut!

National Donut Day Freebies
There’s nothing better than getting free stuff, and today, many retailers are handing out delicious donuts free of charge! Some of the places we plan on making a pit-stop to are:

  • Dunkin’ Donuts
    • Offering a free classic donut with any beverage purchase
  • Walmart
    • Yes, you are reading that correctly. Walmart plans on giving customers a free glazed donut, while supplies last!
  • Papa Johns
    • As if you needed another reason to order pizza, Papa Johns will be giving away an order of donut holes for free with any online pizza order!

Make Some Donuts!

Glazed Donuts
What better way to celebrate National Donut Day than to make some homemade donuts! We found an awesome recipe from The Pioneer Woman that takes you step by step through how to make her delicious glazed donuts (with pictures along the way to show you each and every step!). To check out the recipe, click here!

So, how are YOU going to celebrate today? Do-nut miss out on these yummy treats, and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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