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Thank A Teacher On National Teacher Appreciation Day!

In case you didn’t know already, teachers are pretty amazing! Not only do they help our children grow to reach their full potential, but they give up a lot of their spare time in order to do so! May 8th marks National Teacher Appreciation Day, so let’s give back to our wonderful teachers that do so much for our youth! Consider sending them a small token of your appreciation, such as a gracious “thank-you” note written by you or by their student(s). If you ever happen to see them in person, be sure to thank them then, too! It’s really that simple! To all of our teachers out there, we here at The Paper Store would like to personally thank you for all your hard work & dedication. You’re truly awesome!

You Help Shape The Future

Teacher Appreciation - Shape the Future

Not many professions have the ability to literally shape the future (kids are the future, after all). The best teachers get kids excited about learning new things. They inspire them to explore new technology and dream of a better tomorrow. Teachers help push our students to think differently about the world around them, to problem-solve, and to work with others as they do so. A teacher has a huge impact on how children and young adults learn, and that knowledge is what helps shape them in their years to come. That’s some pretty powerful stuff, and our teachers are always there to guide students as they grow, continuing to challenge them to reach new possibilities.

You Support Our Children

Teacher Appreciation - Support Students

Not only do teachers provide students with an endless stream of knowledge, but they also make our children feel safe and cared for. There are many aspects of being a teacher, but one of the greatest ones that deserves an extra “thank you” is how important they are to our students outside the classroom. Teachers often become role models to students, and they have a huge impact on their lives that carries on well after those last school bells ring.

You Give Up Your Time To Help Our Children Succeed

Teacher Appreciation - Give Up Their Time

Other than parents, who else would devote so much of their time (nights, weekends, summers, etc.) to help kids grow and succeed? The answer – teachers! Many assume that teachers have an easy job since they “get the summers off” and get out of work before 5 pm, but what many probably don’t understand is that a teacher’s lesson planning…is constant! Many times, teachers are working into the night, long after the school day is over, to ensure that their lessons make sense and will work for each of their students. Teachers also have to write reports several times a year on students’ progress to make sure that everyone is reaching their goals and achieving what is expected of them. During the summer months, teachers often begin to get ready for the next school year, thinking up new lessons, reading over their new students’ learning objectives, and even taking classes themselves to keep their certification up-to-date. When it comes right down to it, teachers don’t get many days off.

Basically, teachers are amazing, so make sure to thank them today for all that they do! To shop our assortment of teacher gifts, click here.

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