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It’s another year, and another Mother’s Day is right around the corner – the time when we all celebrate Mom and thank her for all that she does. Don’t let this be just another Mother’s Day, though! There are simple ways you can go the extra mile on top of that perfect gift. Mom always gives her best effort, so her family owes her nothing less, after all! Here are a few suggestions that are easy to overlook when it comes to making Mother’s Day memorable!

Don’t Skimp on Her Card’s Message

Memorable Mother's Day Gifts

You got Mom a Hallmark card, right? That goes without saying, but…what will you write in it? You could simply sign your name, and let the card do all the talking. However, we think it’s best to add your own, personal message, too. Don’t simply repeat what the card already said. Say something from the heart. What does Mom really mean to you? Look inside yourself, think of all the good times spent together, and the words will come easy!

Serve Her for a Change

Memorable Mother's Day Gifts

Let Mom or Grandma relax, and serve her a home-cooked meal for a change! Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Coffee and desserts? Whatever’s on the menu, sharing food, stories, and a few laughs is a gift that can’t be beat. Don’t feel like cooking? Take her out to eat (and don’t let her pay the bill, even if she insists…because moms are awesome like that)!

Let Her Decide Her Mother’s Day Activities

Memorable Mother's Day Gifts

Hey, all you dads, kids, and grandkids – before you go planning a big & busy, activity-filled Mother’s Day, consider if it’s what Mom or Grandma really wants. Maybe Mom’s a bit tired and would prefer to simply relax. Mother’s Day isn’t “Kid’s Day”, after all. Give Mom her gifts (with the beautiful, personalized card we mentioned earlier), and treat her to a quiet spa day at home if that’s what she’d really like. Maybe she wants to go shopping by herself while Dad watches the kids. It’s okay to just ask what she wants her Mother’s Day to be!

Speaking of the best Mother’s Day gifts to make her day memorable, you can check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

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