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Unique of the Week – Cable Bite Cable Accessories!

Drained batteries are no fun! After all, how are you supposed to stay connected when your phone is connected to a power outlet? You can turn battery-charging into a fun affair, though, thanks to Dreams Inc.’s Cable Bites! These adorable “Cable Bites” accessories “bite” onto your smartphone, protecting the charging cable as it works it’s magic!

These little cuties are extremely easy to use! Let us walk you through it!

Step 1: Pick Out Your New Friend!

With so many to choose from, this step may take you a while. There’s an adorable animal here for everyone! You may even want to grab a couple of them to really mix things up!

Cable Bite Cable Accessories

Step 2: Secure Cable To Your Friend

After taking your new friend out of it’s packaging, turn it over so that it’s belly-up, and slip your phone cable into the groove. Give it a gentle push down until the cord fits snug against your cable bite accessory.

Cable Bite Cable Accessories Steps

Step 3: Plug It In

Now that the cable is attached to your buddy, go ahead and plug the cable into your phone to begin charging it. You’ll notice that the Cable Bite Cable Accessories now protect the charging cable from becoming bent or laying at an awkward angle – helping to prevent the cable from tearing.

Cable Bite Cable Accessories Protect

What’s also great about the Cable Bite Cable Accessories is that when you’re not using them, you can leave them out to decorate your desk or nightstand! So, all that’s left to know is which one are you going to get?!?

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