Unique of the Week - Flamingos
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Unique of the Week – Flamingos!

There’s nothing quite as fabulous as flamingos, which is why you’ll see them flocking to stores near you in the form of home décor, stationery, and more! But why exactly is everyone ruffling their feathers over these birds?

For starters, the flamingo’s distinctive, pink coloring makes them unique and a perfect muse for home decorating! Anything graced with this pop of pink is sure to catch the eye and brighten up any living space!

Flamingo décor

Flamingos also bring a tropical, paradise-like feeling that will have you dreaming of warmer weather (which, if you’re from New England, you could really use right about now!)

In our stores, you’ll find that lots of flamingo products are mixed in with healthy helping of pineapple. Why did we do that, you may wonder? If you didn’t already know, the pineapple symbolizes friendship, warmth, and welcoming, which we feel is perfect for home décor, entertaining, and gifting!

So kick back and relax as we show you some of our favorite flamingos!

Fluffy Flamingo Accent Pillow

Flamingo Accent Pillow

This adorable throw pillow is looking pretty in pink thanks to a flock of fluffy flamingos that graces its front. Textured details and pink pom pom trim add the perfect finishing touches to this tropical accent that can complement any room with a pop of festive color!

Pink Flamingo Beaded Napkin Box

Pink Flamingo Beaded Napkin Box

This stunning, napkin box by Mariposa is an elegant addition to any table setting. Nestled inside the polished, aluminum box are pretty, pink flamingo napkins. The finishing touch – a flamingo napkin weight to keep the napkins from taking to the sky on a breezy day!

Pineapple Charm Bangle

Pineapple Charm Bangle

Live the pineapple life – pretty sweet and topped with a crown – with this stunning, silver bangle by Alex and Ani. The pineapple charm really lends this piece those summertime, tropical vibes!

Let’s “Fla-mingle”! What’s your favorite flamingo-themed piece for this season?

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