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The Latest “Buzz” About our Agendas & Planners

The Paper Store was recently featured on Buzzfeed, and we’re so excited! Is that what it feels like to be famous (well, Internet-famous)? Colin Gorenstein over at Buzzfeed recently included us at #7 on his list of the 34 best places to find planners online!

34 of the best places to find planners online, #7 - The Paper Store
Image credit: Colin Gorenstein-Buzzfeed: 34 Of The Best Places To Buy Planners Online

The article reads:

[The] Paper Store offers a handful of planners from sorority go-to Lilly Pulitzer (look for the brightest floral cover you can find and that’s Lilly) — and since this is more than just a paper store after all (apparel! home décor! toys and games!), you’ll find many enticing rabbit holes to fall into.

Wow, thanks so much Colin! He goes on to include some of his (and our) favorite choices, which are conveniently pictured above

And don’t forget, you can always check out our Agendas and Planners page to see our full selection! New agendas & planners are always arriving, so check back often!

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