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Graduation Gift Ideas for College Graduates

They did it! After years of tireless all-nighters, grueling hours of classes, and studying until they were confident in the material (and maybe the occasional party or two), they’re graduating from college!
There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of knowing that their hard work is finally paying off, and that they are about to embark in the real world! So, what do you get a college graduate who is about to take this big step? Luckily for you, we’ve been in the gifting business for awhile, so let us suggest some graduation gift ideas that are sure to be top of the class!

For the Career-Centric Graduate

Graduation Gift Ideas - Career

At last, it’s now time for them to join “the real world”. For anyone who either has a full-time job lined up already (kudos, by the way!), or for those who are actively job hunting, it’s essential to impress your new employer and really look the part. This can be accomplished by having a fresh, new notebook, at-the-ready writing instrument to take down notes or jot down the next “big” idea, or having the latest tech and accessories to keep you charged up and ready to tackle anything! Having confidence and looking the part goes a long way, especially when starting out a new job, so make sure that they’re ready for it!

For the Jet-Setting Graduate

Graduation Gift Ideas - Travel

They’re off to explore the world before they settle down to reality! Best to send them off in style, don’t you think? From the best travel and duffel bags from brands like Vera Bradley and SCOUT, to accessories like luggage tags, cosmetic bags, and more – we’ve certainly got them covered so that they can see the world in-style!

To Remind The Graduate To Take Time For Themselves

Entering the “real world” is certainly exciting, but it can also be a bit daunting at times, too. No matter what the future holds for your graduate, it’s important for them to remember to take a little time for themselves each day, to focus on the good in life, and to become more mindful and to live with intention. Enter the Five Minute Journal, which will help guide them to living a more positive life!

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