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4 Reasons Why We Love SCOUT Bags – And You Will Too!

SCOUT bags have become a fast-favorite here at The Paper Store, and for good reason! This fun-loving brand marries fashion and functionality together to create fun, vibrant handbags, totes, and other accessories whose names make you literally laugh out loud! What’s so great about this brand? Let us show you!

1. These bags are durable!

Have you ever gotten a new bag and you’re so excited about it that you use it repeatedly until the wear and tear starts to show? Well, worry no more with SCOUT! Their bigger tote bags such as the Original Deano, Uptown Girl and Pocket Rocket are made from an all-weather woven fabric called Polypropylene, which is similar to a tarp that you’d use outdoors. This material makes each bag tough and durable, while allowing both the color and shape of the bags to stay intact over time. SCOUT bags also use a couple of other materials such as a Coated Poly Twill on their cooler style bags such as the Doggie Bag, Pleasure Chest and The Stiff One and a Coated Cotton material on most accessories such their Sally Go Lightly crossbody bags as well as the Kate Wristlet and cosmetic cases. What’s also great about SCOUT is that their items are water-resistant, easy to clean, AND lightweight – talk about a triple threat!

2. They’re Multipurpose – Alleluia!

No matter which SCOUT bag you choose, you simply can’t go wrong! The Original Deano for example, is a fabulous large-sized tote that’s great for carrying groceries, bringing a change of clothes and workout gear to the gym, or packing up the car for a much-needed beach day! Most bags are equipped with inner or outer pockets to maximize storage and because they are so lightweight (most of them weighing a pound or less) the only weight you’ll be carrying around is what you put inside them!

SCOUT Original Deano
             (Shown Above) The Original Deano Tote in New England

3. Fashion Meets Function

Finally, you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality! SCOUT has made it so that you can finally have it both ways…well, just in this case that is. Gone are the days where you had to choose if you’d rather carry a bag that’s practical or look cute and have it match your outfit (and let’s be honest, we’d all go with the later!) The designers over at SCOUT are always conscious of the season’s “it” trends and find ways to incorporate them in their patterns.

SCOUT bags

4. They’re a Brand Who Likes to Have Fun!

If you couldn’t tell already, SCOUT is a light-hearted, fun-loving brand that don’t take themselves too seriously! Both the names of their bags (Doggie Bag, Spirit Liftah, Daytripper) as well as their patterns (Areefa!, Fish Upon a Star, Knotty by Nature) project a youthful spirit that brings a smile to your face – making them perfect for all ages.

What are some of your favorite SCOUT bags? We’d love to hear from you!

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