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Amy Belding Brown Flight of the Sparrow (Paperback)
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Amy Belding Brown

Flight of the Sparrow (Paperback)

Item #: 9780451466693

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"Brown's second novel (after Mr. Emerson's Wife) examines how the early English settlers made their way to the New World, built their communities, and related to the established Native American culture. The author retells the real-life story of Mary Rolandson (1637-1711), a resident of an outpost town in 1600s Massachusetts, who was taken in an Indian raid and eventually restored to English society. After her capture, Mary becomes a slave to a powerful female Indian leader and witnesses savage cruelty as well as kindness. When she is finally returned to her minister husband, Mary is conflicted by the prejudice her community bears against the native peoples even as they are defeated by the English armies and forced into small, guarded encampments. VERDICT Brown has written an engaging and enjoyable novel based on solid research. "