Forget That Little Black Dress...

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Forget that Little Black Dress... 

Shower invitations available at The Paper Store  

It's all about Wedding Gowns!

Wedding dress silhouettes are one of the most popular themes for Bridal Showers with good reason. Every woman will have a bunch of birthdays, dinner parties, cocktail parties and graduation(s) but usually only one Wedding and one Bridal Shower (not that there is anything wrong with having more than one...especially the showers.)

However many times you end up walking down that aisle you should absolutely be head over heels with your dress! A wedding dress makes a statement about you and your big day. Whether you go for soft and romantic, or modern and edgy, typically you only get to wear that gorgeous dress once. If you ask women who have been married for years most of them will tell you they only remember a few things about their wedding day. Among the few things they remember their dress is still clear in their memories. This explains the trend in Wedding Dress themed invitations.

  Shower invitations available at The Paper Store

I knew the trend was in full force when I recently had a visit from a sister of the bride looking for help with a shower invitation. Being the dutiful Maid of Honor, she was following very specific instructions: it needed to be an invitation with a bridal gown on it and incorporate the soft pink color which was her sisters favorite...would that be her signature color I wonder... never-the-less those two items were non-negotiable!

Shower invitations available at The Paper Store

True to trend, after some searching we were able to find a beautiful invitation that had both a gown and the color pink incorporated with a sash tied along the waistline. A huge relief to our Maid of Honor who had many very specific items on her to do list and was relieved to cross one off as done. If you're not sure about the proper etiquette for planning or sending out invitations stay tuned next week for a complete checklist to help your planning process run a little smoother.

Shower invitations available at The Paper Store

Shower invitations available at The Paper Store

Shower invitations available at The Paper Store
Bridal Gown themed invitations and favors are much like the gowns themselves, they too can be Modern or Classic depending upon the style of the Bride. Instead of having a specific theme or specific color dictate the mood of your Bridal Shower, use a classic dress silhouette. This allows the shower theme to be anything you like. Let it be a surprise to your guests! The only thing that they will know ahead of time is that it is a day to celebrate you.

What more does a girl need?
-Lindsey S.
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Friday, June 4, 2010 | TPS

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