Easter Dinner

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Easter Dinner

Not sure if it's the break in weather or the parade of mom's best dressed that seems to make Easter more of a formal affair than say Thanksgiving, but for our families, Easter seems to bring out the "now where in the attic did I store the good dishes" more than other annual gatherings.

So if maintaining some decorum is desired then some planning ahead is  required ...again maybe this is just our families, but we'll share our 'tips' anyway.

Who sits where....yes even at a family dinner some family members should be.....separated.....so formal place cards can help quietly coerce peace. Last year, trying to be clever and keep everyone out of the kitchen I took a page from some of our customers' soirees and created a place card that incorporated the menu card with each guest's name printed on top so once the table was set, everyone could leave the kitchen and go read for their preview. Note: this has it's limitations; aroma- stationery would help. For this menu, we used a simple embossed invitation from M. Middleton and printed a pretty font  in co-ordinating table setting colors while I shopped for fun party napkins.

Why napkins? Trying to keep the crowd together around the table and still keep them to a dull roar before dessert had me trying this one. Again there is a little bit of planning here, but nothing too scary, just a half hour set up done a couple of days before. Be prepared for moaning when you announce that everyone is going to decoupage an egg, but once you refuse to serve dessert until everyone at least tries, you'll be amazed by the hidden creativity in your family...if not the competitve spirit usually takes over....quiet competitive spirit.

Decoupage eggs.

Pick out some fun, festive and colorful napkins
- this is a great way to use up the few leftover party supplies you may have left from previous celebrations; shamrocks, graduation congrats and yellow chicks dancing on flowers are all welcome here. Cut random strips of a few of the napkins, but don't do all the work, cut just enough to get your guests started. Use a toothpick to poke a hole on the bottom of the egg's long axis....really poke the hole wherever you like, it's just easier on the "ends." Drain the yoke. Pour some salt water into the hole and gently shake 2-3 times to clean out the yoke. Place drained eggs safely back into egg carton to continue to dry out. Gather scissors, your assorted napkins whole and shreded, a few paper plates to sort out napkins, a few cups for water, an assortment of small paint brushes or foam brushes if you prefer and of course some decoupage glue.

The day of your dinner, you've done the hard part so your family can create bright, pretty or silly eggs simply by 'painting' the decoupage glue over their arranged napkin pieces onto their egg of art. No dyes to spil or cups of a favorite color to fight over.  Eggzellent!

One last tip and this is a good one: Remember the menu? 

No seriously, remember to remove the menu/ name cards for your guests just before you serve otherwise they'll be so enamoured by your food they may not pay attention to say the candles on the table when they feverishly get that menu out of the way to make room for the real thing. 

Invitation © M. Middleton. All rights reserved.  
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